Social Value

We pride ourselves on our commitment to help in achieving sustainable communities and strive to reinforce the aims of client organisations and those outlined within our Social Value strategy.
We are not a management contracting company and are therefore equipped to directly support Targeted Recruitment & Training (TR&T) initiatives at first hand without having to place the participants with our sub-contract supply chain.  We already play a proactive role with our clients and participate in creating employment and training opportunities and also have experience of delivering requirements under the CIH “Can Do Toolkit” clauses.
To find out about our involvement in generating employment and training opportunities for the long term unemployed, please read more.

To find out about our approach to supporting communities, please read more.

Environmental Sustainability

The company acknowledges that delivering on the commitment to implement good practice in reducing and recycling waste has a number of seriously beneficial outcomes relating to the environment, compliance with regulations, increased profits, minimisation of waste and disposal costs and resource efficiency. Accordingly, we have signed up to the “Halving Waste to Landfill” initiative to direct and improve our performance. In addition, we have also reviewed our approach to pollution risk assessments, use of natural resources and raw materials, energy consumption and efficiency, water consumption, use and discharge, emissions to atmosphere, resource management, and transport and logistics to create an environmental management system and become accredited to Level Two of the Green Dragon Environmental Standard.
To ensure that we play an effective role within the business, we have allocated an environmental champion to coordinate and manage the company’s processes and ensure that we maximise benefits by utilising the waste hierarchy of:

  • Eliminate – avoid producing waste in the first place
  • Reduce – minimise the amount of waste that is produced
  • Re-use – use items as many times as possible
  • Recycle – recycle what you can only after you have re-used it
  • Dispose – dispose of what’s left in a responsible way

We seek to address the needs, not only of clients/customers, but all of the groups which are affected by our activity. We are committed to integrate socially responsible values and concerns of stakeholders into our operations in a manner that fulfils and exceeds current legal and commercial expectations, as typified by a current initiative whereby we are working in partnership with a client to develop a kitchen and bathroom recycling scheme through the creation of a social enterprise. The core values underpinning our approach are: transparency; fairness; inclusiveness; responsiveness; integrity; diversity and; accountability. To this end, we have an Environmental Policy supported by a Policy Statement and a Local Sustainability Strategy.

The capturing and sharing of knowledge is crucial to ensuring continuous improvement and this is carried out at a project and Framework level with all lessons and KPI results shared openly with other contractor partners where appropriate. The outcome of the reviews has previously highlighted where improvements maybe required to waste forecasting, design stage involvement, use of materials with higher recycled content, or better, more accurate reporting.