Newydd Housing Associations Long Term Partnership

The company has entered into a long-term partnership arrangement with Newydd Housing Associations to deliver their planned maintenance programme and, as a consequence, the company is providing social sustainability added value such as:
◦    Providing new entry apprenticeships for two carpenters and two electricians;
◦    Providing work placements in order to supplement the Associations’ in-house direct labour organisation’s apprentices experience to accord with the NVQ curriculum requirements.
◦    In addition to creating apprentice places, we are also providing the following package of opportunities:
◦    Work taster sessions to the Association’s residents;
◦    Supporting the Associations’ residents to carry out community projects;
◦    Community project funding;
◦    Back to work interview training;
◦    Participation in skills fairs and open days;
◦    School presentations to raise awareness of industry career opportunities;