Taff Housing Association,

As part of a new build affordable housing scheme for Taff Housing Association, we worked with Careers Wales, Cardiff Council and the local Boy’s Club to provide industry awareness and work taster sessions to candidates who are not in education, employment or training (NEET). In addition, we decorated, carpeted and furnished one of the club rooms which was used as a meeting facility.

Newydd Housing Associations Long Term Partnership

The company has entered into a long-term partnership arrangement with Newydd Housing Associations to deliver their planned maintenance programme and, as a consequence, the company is providing social sustainability added value such as:
◦    Providing new entry apprenticeships for two carpenters and two electricians;
◦    Providing work placements in order to supplement the Associations’ in-house direct labour organisation’s apprentices experience to accord with the NVQ curriculum requirements.
◦    In addition to creating apprentice places, we are also providing the following package of opportunities:
◦    Work taster sessions to the Association’s residents;
◦    Supporting the Associations’ residents to carry out community projects;
◦    Community project funding;
◦    Back to work interview training;
◦    Participation in skills fairs and open days;
◦    School presentations to raise awareness of industry career opportunities;

Seren Group

As part of a residential package deal in Cardiff Road, Newport, and a new-build residential contract in Trinant, Crumlin for the Seren Group, we have provided work experience opportunities through the Work Based Learning Academy.

Post 16 NEET Coordinator

The company is currently working with the Post 16 NEET Coordinator and Headteacher Greenhill Special School on a number of initiatives including work placements and Year 11 industry career guidance. There are between 50 and 60 pupils aged 11-16 years old at the school which is specifically designed for pupils who have social, emotional and behavioural difficulties with many of them coming from environments of high crime having already been in trouble with the police.

Newydd Housing Association

As part of a current framework/partnering relationship with Newydd Housing Association, the company provided a presentation to a group of ten unemployed people outlining the opportunities available in the construction industry. The group, which comprise a mix of male and female of both apprenticeship age and older, will be taking part in a six day learning experience with a mixture of talks, activities, professional training (IOSH), CSCS online test, and a day’s hands on experience of basic carpentry/construction in the Community Garden.

Cadwyn Housing Association

As part of design and build new-build affordable housing development (procured as a package deal) with Cadwyn Housing Association, the company is providing work experience opportunities to young adults nominated by the housing association. As a consequence, we employed our newest apprentice.

Rhondda Housing Association

The company has provided carpentry work experience to an unemployed adult nominated by Rhondda Housing Association as part of a design and build residential refurbishment project in Pontypridd Town Centre. The individual is now employed by one of the company’s sub-contract partners and was the first person to rent one of the flats.

Newydd Housing Association

As part of a current framework/partnering relationship with Newydd Housing Association, the company attended and supported a Career Fayre in Barry organised by the Communities First organisation.